Jean-Baptiste Duchesne


I have lived, studied, worked and travelled in multiple countries around Europe, experienced all sorts of cultures first hand, and learned how to quickly adapt to different academic, professional and personal scenarios. Consequently, I became a proactive student, both in and outside the classroom that constantly aims at absorbing insights from academics and professionals. With a background in business and a major in marketing, complemented by currently studying Corporate finance, while doing certification upon Capital Market Foundation and CFA level I on my free time, I think that I can adapt myself to all kind of framework mixture Last but not the least, with my football career I had to do my bachelor degree by taking correspondence lessons. To perfom both objectives at the same time, I had to be extremely organized as well as motivated to have the energy and the drive to do what I was committed to. It was definitely a major challenge in my life, though I feel I have learned so much from this experience. I truly believe that my time playing football can prove advantageous to my career. I have lived as part of a team since the age of 6 learning to meld the best of all the members, being very often the captain of the team.