Who is RSM Luxembourg?
Who is RSM Luxembourg?
le 03/07/2020 par RSM Luxembourg
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Which entities is RSM Luxembourg composed of? 

RSM Luxembourg is an independent company from Luxembourg belonging to the international network known as RSM. 

RSM Luxembourg is composed of 5 distinct entities which are: 

-          RSM Tax & Accounting Luxembourg

-          RSM Audit Luxembourg

-          RSM Financial Services Luxembourg

-          RSM Fund Management Luxembourg

-          RSM Cosal Luxembourg

On which positions do you usually recruit? 

Accounting, audit, compliance, transfer agent, tax, etc. 

What advices could you give to people who would like to join RSM Luxembourg? 

As a medium sized structure, team spirit and organization are two fundamental conditions for RSM Luxembourg. As well, you have to share our values which are: 

  • Respect
  • Integrity 
  • Team spirit 
  • Excellence
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