Manuel Ros is an experienced financial executive who owns and manages a number of multinational financial services firms. Among his diverse portfolio of ventures, Manuel founded and serves as President, and CEO of FINSOR HOLDING SA, FINVEST HOLDING PLC, HOLMAR HOLDING PLC, REMAR HOLDING PLC. Born in Italy, Manuel holds a number of advanced degrees in finance from universities in Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Manuel pioneered a leading global capital fundraising organization managed by his own private financial holding company. This firm in turn owns and operates an international assortment of other companies Manuel established to increase his foothold in a diverse array of financial markets. His group provided high net worth individuals, corporate entities, and relevant institutions high-yield investment solutions wherein they may inject and reinvest in independently held project and joint ventures alike. With a expansively international presence, Manuel’s group partner with both public and private funds, as well as primary investment banks, and family offices. Manuel Ros’ private financial company, FINSOR HOLDING SA, is based in Switzerland and oversees all his private interests, as well as controls FINVEST HOLDING PLC. Based in London, FINVEST HOLDING PLC allocates investments among its subsidiary companies. Manuel Ros also manages REMAR GROUP PLC, an organization comprised of companies operating in seven international locations and with representation from local partners in an additional 22 countries. He has since expanded his area of service, creating REMAR FUND, REMAR FX, REMAR PETROLEUM, REMAR PROPERTIES, and REMAR INDUSTRIES. Manuel Ros also owns HOLMAR HOLDINGS PLC. The company manages the expanse of Manuel’s investments, including ownership in sectors as diverse as restaurants, fashion, clubs, casinos, yacht charters, jet charters, villas, and more. Holmar Holding owns AMORE COLLEZIONI – Manuel and the Italian fashion brand have a strong partnership built around opening their retail locations in the most prominent fashion capitals around the world. Given his expert grasp of financial services, Manuel deeply understands and appreciates the importance of corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community. Himself a community leader and avid philanthropist, Manuel Ros especially supports causes which improve access to education. Devoted to more than just the bottom line, Manuel is dedicated to leveraging his access and achievement to improving the world around him. www,